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The Ultimate Jam Session: Pete Griffith and Friends Take Over Buntsy's Band Stand Jan 25th

Reveiw From Nicole Johnson

Last night was FANTASTIC!! Pete Griffith is always amazing anytime he performs but to have the musical talents of so many musicians in one venue just jamming together and being a “spectator” to it was an experience to say the least. I enjoyed every aspect from the sounds to the visuals of everyone coming together and just vibing. Def a show I am thankful to have the memory of.

The Band

Pete Griffith, Sam Klotz, Tommy Ekerson, John Bushen, Anthony Blood, Dan Merkey, Phelim White, Scott Jones, Art Beaty, Eli Flynn, Chris English, Will McKenna, Benjamin Sheridan, Jenna Riddell, Seth Webster, Zac Walker, Nick Glover, Jimmy Grillo, Matt Ramerman, Mike Nelson, Nate Coffey,

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