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We've all had good nights.
Let's celebrate them!

For over 20 years, photographer and hype man Allen Keppen has been having a series of good nights! Celebrating live music and events in Rochester, NY and beyond, he has branded his good times as "I had a good night dot com," making a name for himself and his website, before it even existed.
It all started with a giant lighter he would bring out to events and have people pose with. This initial prop morphed into a wearable sign that transformed into many reiterations of itself to create a real presence among those who were out having a good night in the Rochester area. Expanding to festivals and bigger events, Allen went on to meet many famous musicians and performers, including Snoop Dogg, ________. and ______. Recognizing his desire for everyone to simply, "have a good night", performers love Allen for the enthusiasm and celebratory vibes he brings to events and spaces.
After years of documenting good nights in town, his amateur photo skills had morphed into a professional hobby, one which he found himself rather good at. Today, he still can be found having a good night watching live music at a variety of local venues, taking photographs and sharing them online. He also offers services to music venues, bands, event promoters, and hosts including photography and promotional and marketing services.

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Everyone likes to have a good night. We like to document it.

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