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80's rock experience!

You know you've got it good when that one song brings you back to the moment you first fell in love.
It conjures up the emotions and the senses of how your heart first fluttered and how you long for that moment again.

Bryan Price is that artist.

Leading with the radio single, I Believe In Love, the words connect to a time when a broken heart longs to be reconnected. It is these heartfelt moments that have inspired songs that touch lives deeper than just the surface.
They challenge to never give up on true love.

It is said that a lyric born in the mind reaches the mind, but a lyric born in the heart reaches the heart.
Bryan Price, lyricist, singer, songwriter, & guitarist, has born a lot of heartache and setbacks to skillfully craft the words. His constant pursuit of real relationships is what propels every listener to tune in.

“It stems from broken relationships,” says Price. Friends that have moved on, mentors that have walked out, and even record labels that have given up. Bryan Price is fueled by more than music – it is focused on restoring right relationships. If we are honest with ourselves, that should be all of us.

A devoted husband and father, Price understands the weight of values and morals. The songs often being drawn from the passion in relationships. In the midst of an unstable world, his lyrics draw the listener back to the simplicity of compassion.

Having been a session guitarist / vocalist for a few major artists as well as current Guitarist / Vocalist for ZBTB (Zac Brown Tribute Band), BRYAN PRICE is well on his way to tackling the long road of rock music's ever-changing landscape.

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