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"Remembering a Legend: Tonight Rochester's Top Bands Come Together to Honor Taylor Hawkins at Iron Smoke Distillery"

Todd and Jenelle Lange w/606 - Foo Fighters Tribute invites you to the 2nd Annual Taylor Hawkins Tribute show at Iron Smoke Distillery. Last year was epic and this year will be even better! We kept the big hits, but we've added a ton of new songs, including MORE of Taylor's favorite covers and originals. Songs from bands like; Talking Heads, Queen, The Knack, David Bowie, ACDC, Rush and more.

This year's event features 606 - Foo Fighters Tribute, Appetite For Voltage, M80's, Dial Up, Rob Smith, and please welcome to the bill, local heroes BB Dang! You do NOT want to miss this show! 2nd ANNUAL TAYLOR HAWKINS TRIBUTE | Facebook

Highlights from 2023 show

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